European Year of Cultural Heritage 2018

Our heritage: where the past meets the future #europeforculture

The European Commission has branded 2018 European Year of Cultural Heritage. And in prelude to the European Culture Forum, taking place on 7-8 December 2017 in Milan to launch this initiative, the European Commission announced its Communication on ‘Strengthening European Identity through Education and Culture’.

European Year of Cultural Heritage 2018 is an opportunity for opera houses to be present on the European scene. What better place to show the contemporary relevance of artistic heritage? To showcase how our cultural heritage is a source of artistic production today? 

Freedom, democracy, equality, respect for the rule of law, human rights and dignity are the fundamental values on which the European Union is based. They form part of our European identity. Education, culture and sport have a pivotal role in promoting active citizenship and common values amongst the youngest generations. Their combination in concrete projects in local communities contributes to the strengthening of the sense of European identity. (…)

While it is hard to measure achievements in terms of culture or identity, cultural activities contribute to improving people's experience, to knowing each other better and to understand what it means to be European. (…)

The 2018 European Year of Cultural Heritage will be an opportunity to increase awareness of the importance of culture and cultural heritage and, in particular, to recall that cultural heritage belongs to all. It will also be the moment to highlight the strong economic role that cultural heritage plays. It will provide an occasion to show how digital tools can broaden access to cultural material and opportunities.

Join the campaign by using the hashtag #europeforculture this year, and using the EYCH logo (downloadable in all European languages from their website). And create events to celebrate our Cultural Heritage!


Joint Initiatives 

Invisible City app

Invisible City is a mobile app that curates the best of cultural events in major European and world cities, uniting them in easy to use.

Have you ever walked through the streets of your city feeling that behind the busy façade of cafés and shops there must be a secret world of music, poetry, cinema and discussions? 

Turn right, then right again, go under the arch...and here you are listening to jazz, watching an Italian classic film, discussing poetry with beautiful strangers, or whatever else your imagination suggests that should happen in that magical place. 

Creative Europe and EUNIC, the European Union National Institutes for Culture, came together to launch this joint effort to promote your work. 

Want to be part of the Invisible City selection? Simply tag them in your social media posts (@invisiblecityapp) and they will do the rest… To download the app visit
by ETC, Pearle* and Opera Europa
The European Theatre Convention and Pearle*-Live Performance Europe are in the European Commission’s Access to Culture, a consultative group on cultural matters, and approached Opera Europa to launch a platform to celebrate the performing arts during European Year of Cultural Heritage 2018.
A selection of opera events throughout Europe promoted in an online agenda on, alongside drama, dance and music. This is an opportunity to reach culturally-interested audiences and encourage cross-discipline discovery.
Want to jump on the wagon? Contact to receive the communication toolkit.
by Opera Europa
The freshly launched platform brings together 30 official theatre partners from 18 countries (and some bonus companies!), and offers regular free streaming of opera, as well as much more content: thematic stories, behind the scenes documentaries, extracts, interviews… for the promotion of opera worldwide.
During European Year of Cultural Heritage, OperaVision’s programming ambitions to cover over 400 years of opera, from Claudio Monteverdi’s Orfeo from Madlenianum Opera Belgrade (premiered on 24 February 1607) to Donnacha Dennehy’s The Second Violinist from Wide Open Opera (premiered on 26 July 2017), with main repertory and rare works along the way.
European Opera Days – 4-13 May 2018
by Opera Europa